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RUACH aspires to bridge the gap between emotional and spiritual support in order to offer a holistic approach to wellness in the Jewish community.

RUACH’s core team members have been passionate about emotional and spiritual advocacy, support, and education for many years, and, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, noticed that the needs of the community were exacerbated in the time of uncertainty. This increased need catalyzed them to come together to create a volunteer network of therapists, social workers, clergy, chaplains, and providers-in-training which offer short term support, aiming to guide individuals through moments of difficulty, and when necessary connect them to long-term resources in the community. RUACH embodies the core values of inclusive and accessible care, as well as honouring the experience of every individual.

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RUACH is connected with a diverse and experienced network of mental health providers, including licensed therapists, social workers, psychologists, and counselors.
At RUACH, chaplains, rabbis, and spiritual caregivers in training from across the observance spectrum provide sensitive care for those who request it.
The LGBTQIA+ is a critically underserved demographic. As such, RUACH includes a dedicated support team for LGBTIA+ specific needs.
RUACH aims to provide educational readings and workshops to those who are seeking to learn more about general holistic well-being.

Why "RUACH"?

a breath of fresh air

First and foremost, ruach means air or wind. It also refers to the middle-aspect of the soul, kabbalistically. You may be wondering what RUACH means, as an acronym. As an open and accessible project, we didn't want to limit ourselves to one meaning.






Reclaim, rejuvenate, respect, reliable, reflection, relief, refresh

Understand(ing), unite/unity, unconditional, uplift, unique, useful

Accept(ing), affirm(ation), adapt(able), assurance, advice, authentic

Care(ing), comfort, calm, confident, courage, creative, connect(ion), compassion, courageous, capable, core, conversation(s)

Heal(ing), hope(ful), holistic, help, humanity

Ruach's Mission

We hope to provide pluralistic, inclusive, and accessible emotional and spiritual support to individuals of all backgrounds and faiths, with an emphasis on serving those who are otherwise unaffiliated or marginalized from the Jewish community.

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