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Kabbalistic teachings tell us that there are three aspects of the soul that make up a person - nefesh, ruach, and neshama. The nefesh is the lowest aspect, and in modern psychological terms might be likened to the id. It takes care of our basic needs for life. The neshama is its opposite- the superego- and deals with higher needs like the desire to connect- whether that's with other people, or with Gd. Finally, the ruach, after which we are named, exists as a mediator. It is what allows us to know what is good and evil, and it is what blesses us with things like emotion and the longing, which exists in all of us, to do good.

wellness is more than physiological health

RUACH is committed to wellness education and advocacy, and hosts written and video resources on our website in order for our community to learn more. RUACH also hosts workshops and activities which promote holistic wellness, integrating body, mind, and spirit.

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Do You Need to Talk to Someone?

RUACH connects Jewish care providers to individuals in need, looking to make emotional and spiritual support more accessible.

RUACH hosts a volunteer network of therapists, social workers, rabbis, chaplains, and providers-in-training offering support during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

We span the full spectrum of the Jewish community, with members of our network from all denominational backgrounds. Independent caregivers in our network provide inclusive and accessible care to clients of all walks of life, regardless of religion, observance level, age, nationality, gender identity, orientation, ability, or political affiliation. We are providing short-term supportive support for immediate emotional and spiritual needs of between 4-6 sessions.

Our service is 100% free for users in order to lower barriers to emotional and spiritual care.
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